Cyril the Squirrel Books are excited to be working with Au Bout du Pre in the continued production of our knitted soft character toys. Our cuddliest version of Cyril the Squirrel will soon be joined by some fluffy (still jumpy) Brian the Lion toys, some snowball-wielding polar bears named Lola Clare and, trickiest of all to create out of yarn given her beautifully patterned shell, some soft little Myrtle the Turtle toys. Watch this space, and our Etsy shop, for pictures and full details.
Short Films Released
Au Bout du Pre to supply knitted toys…
Jo Wright has published online a sneak preview of her next character in the Cyril the Squirrel and Friends series - Blossom the Possum. No release date has yet been confirmed for Blossom, but follow her progress by keeping in touch on facebook...
Blossom the Possum
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Cyril the   Squirrel Books Cyril the   Squirrel Books First image of Jo Wright's next character
The release of Lola Clare the Polar Bear in a kindle edition has been a little delayed, but we now expect to release it this autumn. Did you know that you don’t even need a kindle to access my interactive kindle editions? There is software freely available which enables you to read them on other devices. Take a look now, and soon your little one will be counting the acorns with Cyril, roaring with Brian the Lion and splatting snowballs with Lola Clare the Polar Bear. These little interactive features enhance our stories even more for young kids to learn and play while you read with them!
Interactive Kindles
All four of the published Cyril the Squirrel and Friends stories are now available to WATCH as well as read! The short films were released during 2015. Narrated by talented children, with animation created by Jo Wright based on the “bold” and “vibrant” illustrations in her books, and a specially composed theme tune and backing music by Jenni Dandy Morris, these films make funny, entertaining and educational viewing for young children... click here to view.
brighter storytelling Touch or click the acorns to count along with Cyril...