Cyril the Squirrel Books I established Cyril the Squirrel Books in order to publish children’s books that I’d written and illustrated and to continue to work on this series of books, which I call Cyril the Squirrel and Friends.  I have always enjoyed writing and I feel strongly that children should be exposed to lots of lovely words, including a few long ones! Older, classic children’s books rarely shied away from using longer words in texts for young children, and these are the texts that have endured for decades and are still loved today. I know it did me a lot of good to be exposed to a wide vocubulary as I was growing up, and academic studies have now proven that this drastically affects literacy and vocabulary later on. So you will find a few longer or less common words in my books. This does not make them unsuitable for toddlers! On the contrary, they are designed to be read out loud to children from a young age. I turned my hand to illustration much more recently, but have found more enjoyment in this than I ever thought possible - more even than in the writing. I have certainly received as many accolades for my illustrations as for my stories, for which I am very thankful. All of my books are printed in the UK on paper from sustainable forests by the Lemon Press. I wrote my first story, Cyril the Squirrel, for my first daughter when she was a toddler, as when we used to go for walks in the woods she would come back with pockets stuffed full of acorns. My illustrations for this book are based on the church near our house. The book aims to teach young children about counting, nature and the cycle of the seasons, as well as providing a funny story in verse. My books are set in deliberately varied contexts, to broaden children’s horizons, and feature as wide a range of animals as I can muster with rhyming names.  You can buy my books from major retailers including Waterstone’s, WHSmith, Amazon and the Book Depository, as well as from various independent bookshops. Even if they are not in stock, they can be ordered easily through most UK bookshops because they are distributed by Bertram Books, one of the biggest book distribution companies in the UK. You can also watch my films on YouTube and buy all of my books in Kindle editions. I hope you enjoy my books. If you do, please help by telling others about them. Jo Wright
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